Best Diwali Gift Ideas To Buy For Family & Friends In 2019

1. LED Lights Candles

Oil diyas are a thing of past say hello to the new Led diyas. They come with a lot of advantages like flameless, odourless, amazing colours. These are safe in case you have kids, pets in the house. Also, these candles emit the real flickering flame effect. So, buy a few of these for yourself and gift some to your close ones and surprise them. Click Here

LED Diyas

2. Aroma Oil Burner Lamp

Looking for artificial fresheners alternatives then these aromatic oil burner lamps will seal the deal for you. Another wonderful thing about these is that   it purifies the air, but can also be used as a regular living room decor item. Thus, spread some positive energy among your dear ones with this Diwali gift. Click Here

Aromatic Oil Burner Lamp

3. Hanging Lantern Candle Holder

Looking for something that imparts aesthetics to  living, dining and drawing rooms then these Hanging Lantern Candle holders are the best gifts. They just don’t look beautiful but adds a little lighting that makes it a perfect gift for diwali. Click Here

 Hanging Lantern Candle Holder

4. Chocolate Hamper

Who doesn’t like good old chocolates. From a kid to an old person everyone desires for chocolate. No one can beat chocolates gifts, this is the best thing about them. You can give these as a gift to friends and family. Making it a perfect Diwali gift. Click Here

Chocolate Hamper 

5. Lakshmi Ganesh idol

Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshipped on Diwali to bless one’s home with happiness, good health, and wealth. Gift this beautiful Lakshmi Ganesha idol to your loved ones and bless them with all the joy and bliss in life. Click Here

Chocolate Hamper 

6. Silver and Gold Coins

Precious metals like Silver and gold are considered auspicious during the Diwali period. It is believed that on the day of Dhanteras, buying something which is made of metal is regarded to be the harbinger of wealth, prosperity, good luck. Shower some fortune and prosperity on your beloved people by gifting them silver or gold coins of your choice. Click Here

Silver and Gold Coins 

7. Dry Fruit Hamper

Dry fruits are great for health and are not that perishable when compared to the sweets. This is an ideal gifting option for your fitness freak and diet conscious friends. Also, a popular gifting option when comes to acquaintances. This beautiful dry fruit hamper contains best of cashews, almonds pistachios, raisins, figs, dried apricots, sun-dried kiwis and papaya fruit. All these dry fruits are vacuum packed. Also, nitrogen flushed to preserve their freshness. Click Here

 Dry Fruit Hamper

8. Diwali Pooja Thali

I myself feel like getting this gift for decorating my home when I look at it!! It’s such an amazing gift pack that will be perfect for any moment. The puja thali has everything that is required to complete puja ritual. You must not miss on this perfect chance!! Get this gift pack now to impress your loved ones. Click Here

  Diwali Pooja Thali

9. Gift Cards

Still can’t decide what to give away this Diwali? Then, worry not we got you covered. And you can start off by gifting some gift cards to your beloved ones. There are plenty of gift cards in the market right now like Amazon gift card, Myntra gift, etc. Gifts people the freedom to buy themselves anything of their own choice from clothes to cutlery, anything. This is an ideal gifting option where you don’t have a good idea about the likes or dislikes of the person or the person in question is super selective! So, share some love and joy this Diwali by gifting several of these. Click Here

 Gift Cards

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